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We are the leader in providing high-quality medical billing services in Melbourne, Australia. Our team will be here to assist you and handle all your medical billing requirements. It’s the right time for you to discover what we’ve got for you.

The Most Comprehensive Medical Billing Service in Melbourne for Medical Specialists.

Use Iatriki Billing and get the best help that you need when it comes to managing your medical billing service needs. Our team will be the one to process bills, gather payments, handle claim rejections, and also the need to follow up your existing accounts. Rest assured that we will be making the process totally fast as well as hassle-free.

Iatriki Billing Company is here in order to provide a complete surgical billing service for medical specialists and surgical in the whole country. Our service is specifically designed for doctors who don’t have private consulting rooms of their own or a private secretary. Our company consists of a team of professionals who have extensive experience in medical billing and management for all Medical Specialists.

There are numerous Medical Billing Companies In Australia which are losing income due to improper billing. Some major reasons identified include frustrated staff which does not have enough time to do proper billing of their surgical procedures along with proper follow-up of their outstanding funds. Here are some outstanding features of our billing services:

  • Faster payments: Using our online claiming system for billing services you can easily be paid directly into your account within days. We will also manage your surgical billing procedures.
  • Increased Productivity: Once you select to partner with us then we can provide you with surpassed billing services which not only saves time and money but will also save your long working hours from being wasted on your accounts. In this way, you will able to focus completely on your practice.
  • Follow-up Service: Being professionals we possess expertise of collecting invoices and dealing with private health funds. Additionally, we also monitor your aged receivables regularly in order to make sure that your accounts are paid in a timely manner.
  • Flat Fee Pricing: We will charge a flat fee for every bill we process whether it is private billing, known gap, no gap or employees compensation.
  • Quality Billing Service: We have an experienced staff and trustworthy professionals who know the secrets of the health industry. Therefore we invest in our staff so that they can continuously learn and develop their skills which will ultimately improve their efficiency.
  • Hassle Free & Easy Setup: Physicians and doctors are practicing a very busy routine which also becomes stressful for them. Hence the basic aim of our company is to provide best services in Melbourne which are easy and simple. Our team of professionals will be there to manage all billing details, setup, paperwork which is then followed by its collection.

Medical Billing Service Company provides several categories of patient billing to doctors of Melbourne. Any such service can be availed by any particular patient or by a group of patients and even by doctors of Melbourne. Our company is providing medical billing service in Melbourne for doctors and physicians who do not wish to establish their own facility for patient billing. Hence this medical billing service includes both ambulatory patients and patients who are in the hospital, however, physicians are only charged a small amount of processing fee in case of default or performing recoveries.

We are an expert medical billing service of Melbourne and our complete services are designed for saving your time and in making you paid faster timely.


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Let our medical billing professionals take all the stress out of your patients billing and accounts, find out how it works...

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Iatriki Billing has years of experience servicing the billing needs of Doctors all around Australia.

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Iatriki Billing are seasoned veterans in providing a comprehensive billing service to all medical professionals.

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