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Iatriki Billing Services

Iatriki Billing Services provides a professional, expert inpatient medical billing service, collection & administrative services and Surgical billing service for medical practitioners. Whether you require a complete turnkey billing service from start to finish or just need temporary staffing, our experienced medical billing and collection team is sure to impress you by providing all details in a span of 7 days only.

Avoid the costs and headaches of doing it yourself. Increase cash flow and reduce denials with our state-of-the-art submission and appeals system. Let our Medical billing team handle your entire medical billing management from start to finish.

We have many years of experience in developing optimum denial management processes with the right inputs to get all your relevant departments working together, using common data and employing industry standards to create reliable benchmarks and attainable goals. Our expertise working with commercial and government payers keeps us on top of the latest changes in procedures and codes.

What makes us Standout?

  • Quality billing service

Receipting and invoicing of private accounts. Medical Billing companies in Australia know the health industry and all its complexities. Our knowledge and experience in medical billing allows for an effective recovery of payments for all our clients.

  • Batch or bulk billing service for Specialists for Medicare

When you access medical services, you can be bulk billed or given a patient account for those services. The preferred Billing Service for Medical Practitioners and Specialist Doctors is Bulk billing when your doctor bills Medicare directly and accepts the Medicare benefit as full payment for their service. This means you do not have any out-of-pocket expenses.

  • No hidden fees

We only charge a small percentage of every bill we process. One simple fee for all account types including no gap, known gap, private billing, and compensation claims.

  • Fast processing

We invoice Medicare, DVA and Health Funds online, resulting in faster processing and payment of claims. Claims to TAC and Worksafe are submitted daily.

  • Monthly Financial Reports

Record to Report forms an important aspect of the Finance and Accounting process especially in the Medical Billing Process. It provides the necessary insights on the strategic, operational and financial facets which gives an in-depth idea of an organization’s performance. Data Maintenance, Financial Closing & Consolidation and General Accounting.

  • Increased productivity

Partnering with us enables your practice to grow. Because you won't be wasting hours working on your accounts, you'll have more time and energy to focus on patient care.

  • Telephone inquiries

24/7 help and support is available by our productive team on call.

  • No problems for you in the contract

We are confident that you won't want to leave when you partner with us. If you do decide to move elsewhere, we will be sad, but there won't be any penalties.