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How Iatriki Billing Makes Medical Billing Easier

Most people come across the concept of medical billing when they are getting an expensive treatment or crucial surgery done for the first time. However, it is something everyone should know about. Most medical institutions have their own medical billing department; however, those medical professionals who are in the private practice usually employ the services of external medical billers or billing firms.

What is medical billing?

Medical billing is the claim that is submitted by a medical provider or institution to the patient’s insurance provider to receive the payment of services. It is not necessary that the insurance company pays the entire cost of the treatment; in most cases, the insurance company only pays a percentage of the treatment cost and the rest has to be paid by the patient.

How can we help?

Getting money out of insurance companies is nothing less than a herculean task. Insurance companies try their best to dodge their way out of a payment, which is why it is necessary that there are no loopholes in the medical billing.

Iatriki Billing will save you from the hassle of dealing, or rather, running after the insurance company. Being a doctor is a time consuming and stressful task, which leaves little room for anything else. Our team of highly qualified professionals will manage all the details, collection and paperwork linked to billing to save you stress.

The claims that we file are devised by experts who ensure that all the paperwork is free from any errors and loopholes so there is hardly a chance of them getting rejected.

Procuring our services will save you the trouble of hiring an in-house billing team, purchasing a costly billing software, maintaining the data and paying the running costs.

Moreover, our staff ensures that all the paperwork is in order, keeps a check on the aged receivables and is constantly in touch with the insurance company so you can receive all the payments for your services on time.

What are the consequences of flawed medical billing?

Each and every step in the medical billing process needs to be free of any errors and mistakes – from the collection of the necessary patient and insurance company data, to the reporting of the condition in the claim, and finally to the submission and collection. A single mistake in the billing can get your claim rejected, which means no payment. Then you either have to run after the patient to pay what is due or file a reclaim. Filing a reclaim requires you to start the billing process from scratch, which not only takes up additional resources but also a lot of time, which could have been spent somewhere more important.

Thus, instead of wasting time running after insurance companies yourself, hiring a team, or running after firms who provide substandard billing services, it is best to let our reputed firm handle your billing problems.

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