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Billing Service for Medical Specialists in Melbourne

We here at Iatriki Billing, understand the importance of efficient medical care and the need of a trusting doctor-patient relationship, which can only be maintained when the practitioners are able to provide undivided attention to their patient’s needs. Medical practitioners from surgeons, psychologists to any type of doctors and specialists need to be a 100% involved, should not have any other worries such as financial obligations of payments, taxes, insurance claims or legal aspects, and should only focus over bringing the patient back to health and treating the disease.

Efficient Medical account handling

In today’s fast moving, fast-changing world the medical industry needs to keep up with the constant evolution. Time does not go backward, it moves forward and if moving forward is the way to go, by staying up to date with the modern aspects of things then that’s what the Medical industry should also be doing. By staying up to date with the modern amenities and technology, the system will improve and more people will be able to benefit from it.

The Iatriki Billing service for specialists is an adaptive, intelligent and efficient system, and is committed to making your life easy. While you focus on your repo and medical care with your patients, we chase them for you regarding any medical billing process and also chase them for any old debts that you don’t have time to follow up.

Billing Service Fundaments

The medical billing service in Melbourne is a service that needs to be in full compliance with the Australian Healthcare system, Australian Privacy Principles and other legal guidelines as defined by the Medicare system of the country. But a medical specialist cannot and should not be expected to take care of the numerical aspect of the job but stick to what he does best so that he isn’t overworked. Our billing service is effective for various reasons as it supports you in:

  • Sending invoices and receipts for private accounts
  • Bulk or batch billing services for the specialist
  • Following up old accounts and outstanding accounts
  • Preparing a Monthly financial report
  • A team of professionals following up, collecting and doing paperwork on your behalf
  • Chasing bad debts and insurance companies
  • Billing system with more accuracy and decreased time in the bill processing
  • Saves you valuable time making, discovering and amending errors
  • Reduction in labour thus transcription cost was reduced
  • Accounts re-filling and storage costs were reduced
  • DVA & Eclipse and HIC for faster payment
  • Direct billing to Private Health Fund
  • Telephone inquiries

While our medical specialist works out best solutions focusing on his patients care, we here as the best service providers will work hard strategizing the managing, collecting and chasing after your payments till the deposits are made in your account.