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Six Reasons to Hire Iatriki Billing as Your Inpatient Medical Billing Services Provider

Providing healthcare services is becoming more demanding by the day; medical billing and claims processing is not just burdensome and demanding but also costly for a medical practice. This is a major reason behind the fact why a large number of physicians prefer outsourced medical billing and claims management being offered by Iatriki Billing. This not only helps them save a great deal of time and money, but it also allows them to check off one thing from their list of responsibilities. Here is the list of benefits you can enjoy by choosing Iatriki Billing as your medical billing services provider.

Always Keep Your Focus on Your Patients

Hiring Iatriki Billing means that you will be free to keep yourself fully focused on your actual responsibility, which is to provide the best care to your patients. Outsourced medical billing is equally effective for practices of all sizes, particularly the smaller practices that do not have a massive workforce. We take the burden of medical billing off from the shoulders of physicians, empowering them to deliver excellent standards of care to their patients.

A Visible Reduction in Billing Errors

A professional billing company like Iatriki Billing is equipped with highly experienced billing professionals who are best at what they do, which is submitting correct and timely claims. In order to assure that your healthcare practice lives up to the healthcare standards of today the professional billers at Iatriki Billing are periodically trained so they can stay updated with the current billing practices and requirement. This is how we minimize the risk of billing errors that might result in rejected claims. With Iatriki Billing you will experience maximum reimbursements on claims. 

Considerable Savings

By outsourcing your claims and billing to Iatriki Billing, you can save substantial dollars each year, instead of having to spend the on the salaries of your in-house billing staff. We also allow you to save the cost of employee benefits, staff hiring and training, office supplies, equipment and software. Whether you choose to pay a flat rate or a percentage of the reimbursement on every claim, outsourcing will always be cost-effective when compared to the cost having an in-house billing facility, and even then,  you might not get the same excellent service. 

Enhanced Revenue Cycle Management

Iatriki Billing is a professional medical billing company with the required amount of workforce to deliver timely reimbursements for your claims without any disruptions. You may experience a cash flow crisis as the backlog for the submission of claims piles up whenever your in-house billing staff might fall sick or take a leave. Outsourcing with Iatriki Billing helps you maintain a secure and uninterrupted income from reimbursements. This is essential for enhanced revenue cycle management as well as to keep the financial health of your practice in a good state.  

Improved Compliance

Handling claims and billings with insurance companies is not an easy task. The changes in rules, regulations, and protocols occur continually. Iatriki Billing assures complete compliance with the latest regulatory standards without any hassle.