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Why Choose Us Iatriki Billing

Incurring more losses than profits with your medical business? Are your staff members incompetent enough to provide improper billing regularly? Are you tired of managing your billing and work at the same time? If you have answered YES to almost all of them, then Iatriki Billing is the ideal solution for your medical billing problems. With a dedicated team of professionals, Iatriki Billing is headed by the experienced Dayan who is not only the owner and manager of the business but is highly capable of assisting doctors with their medical billing difficulties.

Specialised in practice management and billing for medical consultants, Iatriki Billing offers easy and hassle-free medical billing services all across Melbourne. Dayan and his team of experts are highly experienced in this industry and can seamlessly take care of all kind of billing situations. By maintaining a strong and transparent relationship with our clients, we make sure that the billing stress, time and money are saved.

Iatriki Billing constantly strives to add value to every client’s profession with comprehensive billing services that also include effective financial consultancy and solutions.

Why Choose Us?

  • Medical specialists and doctors who are regularly facing billing problems can hugely benefit with our diverse services. Our team members dedicatedly take care of their billing problems, especially for those who don’t have any private secretary or private consulting chambers.
  • The diverse range of medical billing services includes receipting and invoicing of private accounts, direct billing for private health fund, Medicare bulk billing, banking payments, workover direct billing, following up to the outstanding accounts and many more. With an extensive range of billing and financial services, Iatriki Billing aims at assisting medical specialists completely while they can focus on their work.
  • Our prime goal is to make the medical billing service an easy, simple and convenient service for the clients. We look after every financial dealing and make sure that the entire billing process becomes absolutely helpful. Medical consultants and doctors of Melbourne can finally access the best of private consulting locations.
  • The diverse billing services by our team members are not only limited to medical specialists but are extended to surgeons, physicians, paediatricians and even surgical assistants. Our services are catered to prominent specialists of renowned hospitals in Australia as well.
  • Medical specialists who are either incurring too much of loss or are not aware of their expenses can benefit with our billing services. Iatriki Billing keeps an accurate and close check on the financial records. The billings are done correctly and not left incomplete by the team members. This will not only help in reducing the losses but also streamline the income seamlessly.
  • Iatriki Billing also assists the clients by clearing off old financial records, bills and audits with which the lost income can be recovered. Once the bills are properly paid, the medical specialists can focus on higher income without incurring a further loss.

With Iatriki Billing, clients can not only experience professional assistance for their billings but also a proper way of earning.