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The Ideal Medical Billing Service Providers - Iatriki Billing

It is true that a doctor already has a lot of job on his plate. Right from the time his patients enter his clinic to time the patient leaves the clinic, a doctor has to perform a lot of vital tasks. A doctor constantly needs to be on his toes while he is checking a patient. Apart from this, he also has the stress of his personal life as well as other commitments. Medical billing is also one of the most important tasks that has to be performed by the doctor. 

Medical billing is one of the most imperative parts of the current healthcare system, where medical providers are responsible for creating, filing, submitting, and following up the claim from insurance companies for receiving a payment that they are providing to the patients. 

Hassle free Billing Services 

If you are looking forward to the Medical Services that are absolutely hassle-free, you should definitely opt for Iatriki Billing. You can be assured that the team of experts is going to take under their control different kinds of billing situations. They are also responsible for maintaining a transparent and strong relationship with their clients and reduce the stress, money, and time of creating a medical bill. This organization is responsible for providing comprehensive services for billing, which is also known to offer effective financial solutions. 

Why choose them 

The medical specialists, as well as doctors who are constantly facing the problems related to medical billing, will be benefited from the diverse range of services provided by them. Each and every team member is dedicated to taking care of the problems associated with medical billing, especially for the doctors or specialists who do not have the private consulting or secretary chambers. 

The objective of this organization to make the service of medical billing extremely easy, convenient, and simple for each and every client. They are responsible for all the financial dealings to ensure that the billing process is becoming helpful for the clients. The billing services are not limited only to the medical specialists but also to the physicians, surgeons, pediatricians, as well as the surgical assistants. You can be assured that your medical billing is going to be done appropriately and it is not going to be left incomplete. 

Services Provided 

The organization is dedicated and responsible for processing all the accounts within a period of 7 days right from the day when they receive the accounts. The services that they provide include: 

  • Invoicing and receipting of the private accounts.
  • Banking of the payments.
  • Batch billing service or bulk service for the specialists of Medicare.
  • Direct billing to the Private Health Fund.
  • Following up on the outstanding accounts.
  • Telephone inquiry. 

With the dedicated medical billing services for the specialists, your staff does not need to spend any more effort and time for processing the medical accounts or chasing the bad debts. The professionals at Iatriki Billing will work on all the medical bills and ensure that they are handled in a proper manner. 

Choose Iatriki Billing for your medical bills and concentrate on your patients more efficiently.