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Get Rid Of The Regular Hassles Of Medical Billing

By Iatriki Billing| Monday Mar 11, 2019

It has often been observed that medical billing processes of hospitals, medical practitioners, specialists and private doctors can become a burdensome task for them. This leads to faulty billing and mistakes that eventually affects the entire billing procedure and hinders the reputation of the medic...

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Effective Medical Billing

By Iatriki Billing| Friday Jan 25, 2019

Medical specialists often face a serious problem of accounting and managing their medical bills while they are busy attending the patients. This often leads to mismanagement of financial documents, billing errors and many other accounting faults which might lead to major problems at the end of the f...

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Why Outsourcing Medical Billing Is Key to a Successful Medical Institution

By Iatriki Billing| Thursday Jan 17, 2019

Medical billing and coding go hand in hand, they are both an essential part of effective back-end processing when it comes to reputable medical institutions and hospitals.  The modern healthcare system in Australia makes it exceedingly difficult for hospitals and medical organisations to stay u...

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The Ideal Medical Billing Service Providers - Iatriki Billing

By Iatriki Billing| Monday Dec 17, 2018

It is true that a doctor already has a lot of job on his plate. Right from the time his patients enter his clinic to time the patient leaves the clinic, a doctor has to perform a lot of vital tasks. A doctor constantly needs to be on his toes while he is checking a patient. Apart from this, he also ...

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Why Choose Us Iatriki Billing

By Iatriki Billing| Wednesday Nov 28, 2018

Incurring more losses than profits with your medical business? Are your staff members incompetent enough to provide improper billing regularly? Are you tired of managing your billing and work at the same time? If you have answered YES to almost all of them, then Iatriki Billing is the ideal solution...

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Here Is How Iatriki Billing Is a Cost-effective Outsourced Medical Billing Service Provider

By Iatriki Billing| Friday Nov 02, 2018

A Multidimensional Approach Is Required For Effective Healthcare Management In order to deliver resourceful healthcare management, you may require a multifaceted approach and the provision of premier services is simply one of those aspects. In today’s competitive environment, physicians are n...

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Six Reasons to Hire Iatriki Billing as Your Inpatient Medical Billing Services Provider

By Iatriki Billing| Monday Oct 29, 2018

Providing healthcare services is becoming more demanding by the day; medical billing and claims processing is not just burdensome and demanding but also costly for a medical practice. This is a major reason behind the fact why a large number of physicians prefer outsourced medical billing and claims...

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Billing Service for Medical Specialists in Melbourne

By Iatriki Billing| Saturday Sep 29, 2018

We here at Iatriki Billing, understand the importance of efficient medical care and the need of a trusting doctor-patient relationship, which can only be maintained when the practitioners are able to provide undivided attention to their patient’s needs. Medical practitioners from surgeons, psy...

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Why It Is Smarter To Outsource Medical Billing

By Iatriki Billing| Wednesday Aug 29, 2018

A doctor’s job is already hard enough. From the time that a patient enters into a clinic with an ailment to the diagnosis, prescription and treatment. The doctors have to be constantly on their toes during this entire process. Add his personal life stress and commitments to the mix. And now ad...

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How Iatriki Billing Makes Medical Billing Easier

By Iatriki Billing| Thursday Aug 09, 2018

Most people come across the concept of medical billing when they are getting an expensive treatment or crucial surgery done for the first time. However, it is something everyone should know about. Most medical institutions have their own medical billing department; however, those medical professiona...

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Claims Management & its importance in the HealthCare Industry

By Iatriki Billing| Friday Jul 27, 2018

Talk to any admin working in the medical industry and they will tell that medical claims make up majority of administrative work. It is a part of revenue cycle management. From the first appointment made by the patient, the cycle starts and continues until his account balance becomes zero. The check...

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Medical Billing Management and Claims Explained

By Iatriki Billing| Wednesday Jul 11, 2018

Medical billing management and medical claims management are two time-consuming sides of running a medical billing service. However, as any good medical billing service manager knows, they are crucial to sustaining and achieving. If you are building a practice from the ground up or just like to revi...

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Challenges in Medical Billing Services and Medical Billing Services for small practices

By Iatriki Billing| Tuesday May 15, 2018

Every business has its own set of important operations. Healthcare, however, differs from many other businesses. It involves the critical matter of clinical treatments and along with that there are all the other procedures of management, billing and so on. Starting from the moment patient steps in t...

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What are the benefits of choosing to outsource medical billing?

By Iatriki Billing| Monday Apr 30, 2018

Being a medical institution, there are already big responsibilities on the shoulders. On top of it, there are all sort of back-end process that needs to run smoothly. One of those processes is the medical billing procedure. The same set of competencies is required in dealing with the rules and regul...

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Looking for Medical Billing Services? Ensure these best practices first!

By Iatriki Billing| Friday Apr 13, 2018

Healthcare sector has plenty on its sleeves with continuous needs of various levels of service and at the same time need to meet the increasing demand for innovative health solutions. All these while, the revenue generated in this sector plays a crucial role. This brings us to the one of the root f...

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Iatriki Billing Services

By Iatriki Billing| Monday Mar 26, 2018

Iatriki Billing Services provides a professional, expert inpatient medical billing service, collection & administrative services and Surgical billing service for medical practitioners. Whether you require a complete turnkey billing service from start to finish or just need temporary staffing, ou...

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How to Choose The Best Medical Billing Service Company For Your Practice?

By Iatriki Billing| Monday Feb 05, 2018

There are many billing companies in Australia that promise to make your job easier and help you focus more on your medical practice but in actual fact a couple of them in the end are not well suited for your practice. As a result they end up making your job a lot more difficult than it should be. Th...

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How a Medical Billing Services Company Can Help Prevent Denials

By Iatriki Billing| Wednesday Jan 24, 2018

It is indeed very hurtful to medical services providers when they cannot get money for the services they have provided to make sure someone’s health is all the better. Anyone in any profession would be hurt by such especially if the occurrence is due to wrong documentation by staff members of ...

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